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Fitness studios at the workplace, a healthy trend?

One of the biggest killers of modern-day Americans is quite invisible but all-pervasive: sedentary lifestyles. It’s easy to think that sitting in front of the boob tube switching channels while gorging yourself on Cheetos is the main definition of a sedentary lifestyle. But a better idea would be to actually start moving from time to time, like going on a cycling holiday in holland(great operator) as I did a few years ago. The sad truth is that even sitting in front of your office computer while you are working away on reports is still part of a sedentary lifestyle. What is the impact of a sedentary lifestyle? Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and a whole host of health problems. The unavoidable truth is that our modern high calories diets plus our sedentary lifestyles add up to one lethal situation. If you eat a lot of calories and you don’t move around much, you will get fat. This was true hundreds of years ago, it’s true now, and it will always be true. There is just no way getting around this regardless of what fad diets and fad weight-loss supplements tell you. If you really want to lose weight you need to follow a few rules. The most important thing is that you never fail these sort of rules. You can have all the tools in your workplace available, but when you fail to follow the rules that have to follow, you will most likely fail to lose weight.

Considering how many workplaces have started offering fitness studios on their premises, it looks like employers are finally seeing the impact of sedentary workingfitness-man lifestyles to their bottom lines. The connection isn’t too hard to see: when employees sit behind their computer screens for long periods of time, their risk of developing obesity and other health issues increases, these health conditions cut down on productivity as workers call in sick. Moreover, the health risks also impact health insurance costs as a whole. Offering fitness studios at the workplace is a brilliant idea because it makes a healthier lifestyle more available to employees. They can work out at the premises right before work, during breaks, or right after work. This level of availability is important because many people realize they need to exercise but don’t feel enough ‘push’ to actually sign up for a gym. By having workout and fitness facilities readily available to employees, employers give workers fewer excuses to avoid stuff they should be doing to improve their overall health or even their financial situation(which is also an important part of the conditions humans live in) by for example, investing in gold to secure their savings.

Another crucial advantage of having fitness studios located at workplaces is peer pressure. People often have a herd mentality. They are more apt to try something if people they like or respect try something. It takes only a few ‘seed’ employees to start a trend in the workplace or to start using an appetite suppressant for that matter(like Phen375, which is the most popular suppressant at the moment). As more and more people work out, more people will join them since they don’t want to feel left out.

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